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These Disney-inspired NBA logos are so good

This is the best way to celebrate the NBA returning at Disney World.

The NBA is returning July 31 and it’s finishing the season in Disney World. Yes, Disney World in all of its glory will be the home for the rest of the 2019-2020 NBA season. The details are still being worked out but Disney property has enough convention, hotel, and event space to make this happen and can be fairly controlled in terms of health and safety.

As a huge Disney + NBA fan myself, I welcome any and all crossover content. I recently came across these designs on Instagram from designer PK Air Designs and I love them so much. There are only 20 so far but, the designer indicated all 30 teams were on the way. Also, give this artist a follow on Instagram.

The Classic Mickey Mouse Logos

Boston Celtics: Unless we were going to go full Luck of the Irish, then this logo is perfect. I’m surprised it doesn’t already exist.

Los Angeles Lakers: The classic Lakers need a classic logo.

Washington Wizards: Perfect use of Sorcerer Mickey here. Simply perfect.

The Lion King Logos

Minnesota Timberwolves: A hyena is not a wolf but I don’t care because this is gorgeous.

Chicago Bulls: Again, we’re not going for technicality here. This is just wonderful. Too bad the Bulls won’t be in Disney World.

The logos I would buy on a t-shirt tomorrow

Memphis Grizzlies: This is perfect and I have nothing more to add.

Milwaukee Bucks: Honestly, the Bucks should just adopt this for the entire time they’re in Disney World.

Houston Rockets: This is my favorite design of the entire thing so far as Pizza Planet is one of my favorite Disney things of all time. This is too good to put in our Toy Story category because I need this t-shirt right now.

Philadelphia 76ers: I don’t even really understand how these two concepts go together but I would wear this on a t-shirt every day of my life.

The Toy Story logos

Toronto Raptors: It’s insulting and perfect all at the same time.

Dallas Mavericks: We love to see another flawlessly represented mascot.

San Antonio Spurs: I think that’s Woody’s boot? Gonna assume it is for categorizing purposes. Should have written Timmy on the bottom of it.

Logos that I like but don’t fully understand

Charlotte Hornets: While this is a gorgeous logo, the hornet converted to Dumbo confuses me. Maybe it’s the ears as wings connections? Eh, whatever. The Hornets colors are so good that anything works. But maybe going with something from A Bugs Life would have been the move.

Phoenix Suns: Tigger is my favorite Disney character. He is my GOAT. I also have no idea how this fits in besides the orange, but whatever its cute.

Golden State Warriors: We should have went full Mulan here or something but the logo is pretty.

Miami Heat: Miami, water, mermaids. I get it. I think. It’s certainly creative and I love that.

Oklahoma City Thunder: I don’t understand this but the Thunder haven’t understood how to brand themselves since 2008 so actually just adding Goofy makes sense.

Utah Jazz: We could have done something here with the Aristocrat Jazz cats but ya know what, Pluto playing a saxophone is never wrong.

The logos that NBA teams should actually use

Orlando Magic: They’re the Magic after all and located in Orlando. Why hide it at this point. Go full Mickey Mouse.

Los Angeles Clippers: They haven’t had a good logo since 1978. If you’re gonna stick with the Clippers name and the nautical theme, why not be a pirate.

I will keep updating and ranking as more are available!