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The NBA bubble has become a haven for shotgunning beers and bass fishing

You’ve got to make your own fun in the bubble.

NBA players stuck in the Covid bubble have been forced to make their own fun, and their first weekend was spent living their best lives. It began with JJ Redick, who posted a photo of choosing beer over water at the hotel.

One cannot simply post a photo of a beer without a challenge being involved, and it wasn’t long before Redick was asked to take a shotgunning challenge. After getting the requisite 10,000 retweets he asked for, the Pelicans guard obliged. In an inflatable ice bath, no less.

It wasn’t long before Heat center Meyers Leonard got wind of the burgeoning challenge, and wanted in as well. Leonard shotgunned a beer himself, with the biggest hole I’ve ever seen in a can for such a purpose.

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King of the Bubble. Accepting all challengers

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Jordan Clarkson commented saying he wants in too. So before long we’re going to see dozens of the world’s best athletes shotgunning beers like they’re at a frat house kegger. I’m here for it.

But life in the bubble isn’t all beer guzzling. Players looking to occupy their time are trying all sorts of things. Some are staying in their rooms and playing video games, others are attending poolside concerts set up inside the bubble — but over a weekend a big chunk of the league went bass fishing.

Paul George is the real pro here. He knows when you catch a fish of any size you need to step back and hold it out close to the camera so it looks way larger than it otherwise might appear. That’s how you know he’s a pro.