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The NBA tried to hide that Damian Lillard has a fancy room in the bubble

Oh that’s definitely a suite.

The NBA bubble at Disney World has become instant entertainment for sports fans continuing to get through this pandemic. We’ve been able to get a glimpse into players’ lives on the road that we’ve never really had before and given the unique circumstance of the situation, it’s provided a lot of content.

On Wednesday, we got a look at Damian Lillard’s birthday which is cool and fun, until we noticed a small change in the photos posted between CJ McCollum and the NBA.

Here is CJ McCollum’s photo:

And here is the NBA’s photo:

This is like one of those games where you have to find the difference in the photos but I’m going to spoil it: The “Presidential Suite” has been removed from the door. This is a fine attempt to hide the type of room but any hotel room with a double door is a giveaway that it’s fancy.

So, of course we need to see what the NBA is hiding behind those doors. Here is what the Presidential Suite at the Yacht Club looks like, where the Blazers are currently staying. It’s absolutely bigger than my current apartment. I would be living by best life in this place.

For the record, I think it’s fine that certain players get better accommodations than other players. That’s just a fact of life. If the nice rooms are there and available, players should use them! I just think it’s funny that the NBA would try and cover it up, because I doubt they were blurring out the room for security reasons.