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The Hawks’ new jerseys are the jolt of nostalgia we need right now

These are so good.

The Hawks released new jerseys for the 2020-2021 NBA season on Tuesday, and in times where most in the world are bad, these jerseys are very good. Gone are the neon colors and weird triangles that the Hawks have worn over the past few years here. These are modern touches on a classic.

Here is the Hawks’ official statement on the new look:

As we enter the next era of Hawks basketball, we are returning to our roots. We are paying respect to our treasured past, with our sights focused on a bright future ahead. We are freshening our look while paying homage to the colors most synonymous with the Hawks organization. Taking the most beloved details of our past uniforms to create a look that blends past, present and future. Our new style is timeless and classic, reintroducing elements true Hawks fans have come to know and love as we enter a new golden era in pursuit of a championship.

The three color schemes are labeled as Torch Red, Infinity Black, Legacy Yellow, and Granite Gray. You’ll also notice these jerseys have the addition of the Jordan logo! The Jumpman logo will appear on the Statement jerseys, which are the black version.

Overall, these jerseys are just a huge win. The best mix of staying relevant while also honoring the past.

It’s too bad the Falcons couldn’t figure this out.