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The NBA turned Disney ballrooms into multiple practice courts

These courts are REALLY bad at social distancing.

The NBA’s temporary Disney World bubble home is complete, and the layout of the practice courts the league will use is kinda wild.

There’s something special about seeing the logos and names of NBA teams in a venue that’s a converted ballroom, with a distinct rec league feel. To be fair, these are just the practice courts teams will use — and it’s likely they won’t all practice at the same time in order to keep to social distancing, but it’s still hilarious to see courts on top of each other like this.

Let’s be honest: 2020 is already horrible and surreal enough already, so we might as well use this opportunity to introduce some new basketball rules.

  1. If you hit at three on a neighbor’s court from your own court it’s worth 10 points.
  2. Three court shots can be attempted in the final three seconds of each quarter. A three court shot is worth 20 points.
  3. As soon as a team goes on a 10-0 run additional basketballs are released on neighboring courts for MULTI BALL. Each team can send their bench to the courts to rack up points until the ball goes out of bounds, then it’s lost.

I’m not saying these are good ideas, but they’re ideas.