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Every NBA City Edition jersey for 2021-2022, ranked

Here are the best and worst of the 2021-2022 NBA City Edition jerseys.

The 2021-2022 season marks the fifth year in a row that the NBA is doing City Edition jerseys with Nike. Each team releases a new set of uniforms each year that serve as an alternate look to the usual home and away jerseys they wear. Each season is full of hits and misses when it comes to the City Edition jerseys, and this year as no different now that the uniforms have officially been unveiled.

Here’s a look at all 30 City Edition looks from NBA teams this season side-by-side. It is now our duty to rank them. Here’s the best and the worst of the new looks for this season.

We’re going to start this list with our 13 favorite looks. Then we’ll hit a few that are just alright. We’ll save the worst for last. Here’s our full look at the 2021-2022 Nike City Edition uniforms across the NBA.

The Spurs’ ‘Fiesta’ look is awesome

The Spurs released some great City Edition jerseys last year, and they’ve done it again this year. The ‘Fiesta’ look is always much appreciated, and going with white this year makes the uniforms look even better. This is an A+ to us.

Noah Magaro-George of our Spurs community Pounding the Rock as a closer look at the detailing on the uniforms. San Antonio really went all out here.

The Bulls won with the classic ‘Chicago’ script

The Bulls are going back to the past with Chicago written in cursive across the front of the jerseys, which was the team’s look during Michael Jordan’s rookie year. We always approve of that. The black bull horns and red nostrils on the shorts are a nice touch, too. Everything in Chicago is looking up after a strong start to this year.

The Hornets’ new look touches on their past

The Hornets are so much fun to watch this year with LaMelo Ball at the controls. Their City Edition look will do the team justice. Charlotte went back to some elements that were in their uniforms as an expansion team back in 1988-1989. We really like these. Someone send me a pair of those shorts.

The Raptors mixed old with new

These are just sick. Putting a dino on the jersey — as Toronto had for much of the Vince Carter era — is an automatic win. I dig the black and gold look, too. Well done, Raps.

The Bucks’ white City Edition uniforms are clean

Maybe Giannis just looks good in anything, but we’re a fan of these. Simple, yet striking. While I’m always holding out hope for the return of the purple deer jerseys, these are still really nice.

The Timberwolves look good in a vintage-inspired look

Someone call up Terrell Brandon and Latrell Sprewell, because the Wolves are going back to the early ‘00s for their new City Edition uniforms. We fully support it.

The Grizzlies went simple but effective

The detailing is terrific on these Grizzlies jerseys. Ja Morant and Co. will be looking good in these.

The Cavs nailed it with their 2021-2022 City Edition uniforms

Love everything about these. The Cavs are cool again with Evan Mobley leading the charge, and now they have an alternate uniform that is fitting for one of the most fun upstart teams in the league.

The Pacers’ City Edition jerseys look great

These Pacers uniforms seem inspired by the ones they wore early in Reggie Miller’s career while still taking a fresh approach. That’s a win.

The Clippers should make these their official jerseys

Here’s a take for you: the Clippers’ typical uniforms are hot garbage. I’m feeling these. Would love to see the Clips adopt this color scheme going forward when they move into their new building a few years from now.

The Nets’ stars will look good in their City Edition uniforms

Maybe not as good as the baby blues last year, but still pretty dope.

The Hawks’ yellow jerseys always look nice

I’m always a sucker for the Hawks’ yellow jerseys dating back to the Josh Smith and Joe Johnson era. These are tight.

The Rockets are going back to their old Big 3 era

Love this look from the Rockets. Reminds me of the Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkley era without that huge, tacky logo in the middle of the jerseys. These are solid.

That ends the list of our favorites. Now let’s check out some middle-of-the-road looks.

The Kings went with the black ‘Sactown’ jerseys

The Wizards went with a throwback-inspired jersey

The Warriors are back in black

The Knicks’ uniforms just look tough

The Nuggets’ alternates are pretty good as always

The Blazers’ Rip City look is safe but solid

The Pistons went VERY red

The Mavericks have a little hat on their jersey

The 76ers’ look is retro and modern at the same time

The Suns’ Valley jerseys are great, but why are they doing them two years in a row?

OK, now let’s get to the worst of the worst.

The 7 worst NBA City Edition jerseys for 2021-2022

These Pelicans’ jerseys just don’t look any different?

The Jazz did these last year, too. Where’s the originality?

Maybe I’m just a hater, but these Celtics uniforms are boring.

The Lakers should hold themselves to a higher standard than this.

So the Thunder just ran out of ideas, huh?

Why do the Heat’s jerseys look like a ransom note?

The Magic just need to stop trying to make that orange look happen.

What are your favorite and least favorite of the City Edition jerseys this year? Let us know in the comments.