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The Warriors are having major travel problems as Stephen Curry goes for history

This just adds to the drama.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry is trying to make his mark on NBA history, and the Warriors are having weird issues at the worst possible time.

Curry needs to hit two threes to pass Ray Allen and hold the record for the most threes in a career. It’s an event many are expecting to happen Tuesday night in New York, with faces from around the NBA heading to Madison Square Garden to watch. Reggie Miller will be there with the TNT crew, and Steph’s dad Dell will be in attendance to hopefully see his son break the record. Only one problem: The Warriors are having trouble getting there.

Plane troubles grounded the team in Indiana overnight following their game against the Pacers, which wouldn’t be a huge issue, except now they’ve been delayed again. On Tuesday morning Draymond Green tweeted about the Warriors’ woes.

It would take something ridiculous for the team not to make it to New York at all, so yes, they’ll definitely arrive eventually — but it’s definitely put a damper on the whole lead up to this. That said, as Draymond points out, it’s also adding to the mystique and allure of this whole thing. Not only could Steph break the record Tuesday night, but he could do it on short rest, with travel issues, and only a short warmup before the game.

The drama adds to the allure of all this, and honestly, it’s kind of welcome. Steph makes the three game look too easy, might as well toss him a little bump in the road before he makes history.