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Anthony Edwards is already the MVP of post-game interviews

Who doesn’t want to own a lion?

Anthony Edwards was the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, and he’s already the MVP of the post-game interview. Edwards has been an absolute delight while the rookie gets used to life in the association and being entranced by an Irish accent was his magnum opus.

“Where you from Jim?”
“I like your accent. I want to learn how to talk like that. But, ask your question again? I was too much listening to your accent.”
“Yeah, no problem.”

As someone who moved to the U.S. with a thick Australian accent, I can relate. People were fascinated with it all the time, and I often ran into this exact issue with people either half-listening, or not listening at all.

But it isn’t just marveling at accents that makes Ant so friggin’ entertaining. He’s just a 19-year-old kid, loving life in the NBA, and getting used to the way the league works.

Sometimes he’s stashing a bag of Popeyes in his lap.

I love that Edwards doesn’t adhere to the concept of a “Top 5.” He’s a man with standards when it comes to his french fries there’s only a Top 4.

It’s not just goofy moments that make us laugh. Edwards is also incredibly motivational, talking about how he wants his teammates to believe in themselves like he believes in them — which is a remarkable level of leadership from a rookie who is still years away from being able to buy alcohol.

When he was asked about throwing down the dunk of the year, his simple quip was “it was aight,” which if you saw this dunk ... man, it was so much more than that.

On the court we still haven’t seen the best of Edwards, but he’s clearly growing as a player. He’s been overshadowed a little by the explosion of LaMelo Ball in Charlotte, when it comes to NBA rookies, but there have been unmistakable flashes of a player who can becomes a star — if his potential can be unlocked by the Timberwolves.

While we wait to see that become fully realized, we can still appreciate just how amazing he is in front of the camera, whether it’s being asked about his game, or just explaining why he wanted to get a lion as a pet, but realized he didn’t have the house for it.

This entire interview from the start of the season is gold.

Ant-Man is a gem. Every night it’s worth tuning in for his highlights, and also what he says after the game.