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Luka Doncic might be the NBA’s trick shot master

Luka Doncic used his feet, shoulders, and shooting touch for this absurd trick shot.

It feels like Luka Doncic can do whatever he wants on a basketball court. The Dallas Mavericks superstar has become one of the very best players in the NBA in his third season at the tender age of 22 years old, putting up MVP-caliber numbers on a nightly basis and carrying his Dallas Mavericks into Western Conference playoff position.

Doncic hasn’t needed dunk contest-worthy athleticism to dominate the greatest league world because he’s able to win with size, strength, and immense skill. He put that last item on display before his Mavs took on the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night.

Doncic hit a ridiculous trick shot before tip-off, juggling the ball on his feet and shoulders like a soccer player before turning around and draining a shot from out of boards far behind the backboard. In HORSE, this is an automatic H.

We’ve seen Doncic hit some wild shots before. My personal favorite came just months into his rookie season, when he hit a one-handed corner three with 0.6 seconds on the clock to stun the Portland Trail Blazers. For all of his brilliance while the ball is in play, Doncic has also quickly become one of the league’s best trick shot makers.

We’ve seen Doncic hit a one-bounce shot from halfcourt. We saw him drain one off the ceiling in the bubble. He’s made a similar behind-the-backboard shot before this season. He often does his best work as a trick shot artist after the whistle.

It’s too bad Doncic didn’t hit a few of these in front of Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings scouts before the 2018 draft. Maybe then he would have never fallen to the third overall pick.

We’re going to be watching Doncic hit shots like these for the next 15 years if we’re lucky. Here’s hoping we one day get to see him and Stephen Curry duke it out in a trick shot contest, because that would be must-see TV.