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Anthony Davis shot Stephen Curry while playing Grand Theft Auto RP

Bank this meme for the playoffs.

Anthony Davis has been dabbling in the elaborate world of Grand Theft Auto Role Play for a few months, and that took a bit of a turn this week when he executed a player wearing a Steph Curry jersey.

Really, really don’t read too far into this one other than it’s absolutely hilarious. Especially in light of Davis being awe struck by Curry this week.

GTARP is one of the most popular categories on Twitch for a reason. Players populate private servers and take on their own characters. Some are in gangs, others play as cops — heck, I’ve even seen people work entire shifts in fast food restaurants. The fun isn’t the action itself, but turning the game into Second Life, but with guns, and murder, and drug dealing. If you’re into that kind of thing.

Davis is relatively new to being a role play streamer, but these private servers allow things that would absolutely never happen in the actual game — like putting licensed jerseys into clothing shops for people to buy. It’s a neat, immersive way to make people feel like they’re really playing in a living, breathing version of Los Angeles, but can take a bit of a weird turn when you’re an NBA star executing someone from a rival gang wearing an opposing player’s jersey.

Time will tell if Davis’ run-in with Curry will fuel a potential beef if the Lakers meet the Warriors in the playoffs (probably not), or if the threat of being executed will push Steph to eventually move to Los Angeles (also probably not), but at least we have the meme. In the end that’s all that matters.