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Brook Lopez had the best reaction to being dunked on

Brook Lopez looked like he saw a ghost after getting dunked on by Kenyon Martin Jr.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Houston Rockets are at the opposite end of the NBA spectrum. While the Bucks are expected to compete for an NBA Finals berth behind another MVP-caliber season from Giannis Antetokounmpo, the only intrigue left in the Rockets’ season is if they will get lucky enough in the lottery to keep their own draft pick.

Houston will end the season with the worst record in the NBA, but credit the players on the floor for hanging tough against the mighty Bucks at the end of the regular season on Saturday night. Milwaukee came away with a 141-133 win, but Houston made them work for it and also helped provide a little moment of joy in an otherwise forgettable game.

In the third quarter, Rockets forward Kenyon Martin Jr. — yes, you’re officially old — caught an alley-oop dunk from Kelly Olynyk and slammed it home over massive Bucks center Brook Lopez. As Martin turned around to scream in Lopez’s direction in celebration, Lopez responded by, well, doing this:

Lopez should be one of the most intimidating people on Earth given how huge he is, but it’s well known that he’s actually an unabashed nerd who loves Disney, Star Wars, and comic books. Lopez looks like he saw a ghost after this dunk, and if there’s one player in the league who believes in ghosts, it’s probably Brook Lopez.

The screen shot is truly wonderful:

There is going to be immense pressure on the Bucks during this postseason run, so it’s good to see they aren’t taking themselves too seriously yet.

The funniest part of this might be that Lopez had a big dunk himself a few minutes earlier in the game:

The ‘terrified child’ reaction after a dunk from a 7-foot 33-year-old probably doesn’t work in the playoffs, but we’re happy to see it at the end of a rushed regular season. For Milwaukee’s sake, let’s just hope Lopez’s scared look doesn’t become a fitting meme in the playoffs.