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Clint Capela brought H.O.R.S.E to the playoffs with this shot

Soooo pretty.

When you think of players making ludicrously impossible shots in the NBA Playoffs you probably don’t think of Clint Capela, but here we are. Hey, it’s been a weird season, okay?

With just over seven minutes left in the third quarter, Capella was staring down an expiring shot clock when he launched up a prayer from behind the backboard and absolutely drilled it. Capela was so far back he almost landed in the photographers box court side, and watched ice cold as the shot fell, like it’s exactly what he expected to happen.

This is one of those cases where context is important. Almost everyone had counted out the Hawks in Game 4 following the announcement Trae Young was out due to injury, so guys like Capela, Lou Williams and Kevin Huerter were going to have to step up — and they did.

Capela’s final line was 15 points, 7 rebounds and 1 assist. We can also add one insane shot to this.