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LeBron James blew Austin Reaves’ mind with his big basketball brain

The Lakers rookie looked incredibly confused as LeBron explained something on the court.

LeBron James might be the most physically talented basketball player to ever live. This is not much a controversial opinion. James has the size of a traditional power forward at 6’9, 250 pounds, yet he’s able to run offense like some of the game’s greatest point guards while being blessed with the athleticism of a dunk contest champ. For as ridiculous as James’ physicality has always been, his basketball mind might be even more impressive.

James has something close to a photographic memory, showing an incredible ability to recall specific plays and coverages from many, many years ago. LeBron’s intellect is part of what makes him a very good teammate (save for a few passive-aggressive moments), but sometimes those around him can’t get on his level mentally.

Just ask Austin Reaves.

The Lakers rookie was caught looking absolutely bewildered as LeBron explained something during LA’s win over the Nets on Tuesday.

If you look closely, you can almost read Reaves’ lips enough to make out “I just ball” as LeBron dives into the more nuanced aspects of the game.

LeBron balls too, but he also sees the game on a more advanced level than pretty much anyone else.

Anthony Davis made his return as the Lakers smashed the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving-less Nets on the road. LeBron was unreal with 33 points in the win. It was an off-night for Reaves. Maybe he was still picking up the pieces of his mind after getting it broken by James.