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Darvin Ham wants the Lakers to focus on the real Ws and Ls ... wisdom and lessons

Darvin Ham’s coaching philosophy is like something off a cross stitch.

There are few things I enjoy more than coaches speaking in dumb platitudes. I get they want to be motivational and convey their life theories to a team, but most of the time it comes off as this incredible mix of hokey mountain wisdom, mixed with the slogan on a decorative pillow you’d find at a T.J. Maxx.

So, when new Lakers coach Darvin Ham was asked about his expectations for the team this year, he offered a simply amazing phrase.

This needs a little work, but I think we’re close. A small tweak and we have a phrase that’s totally worthy of a wood burning hanging in the kitchen of a log cabin. Maybe something like ... “The real Ws and Ls that matter are wisdom and lessons.” We can keep workshopping, but you get the gist here.

The thing that’s so amazing about this is that it’s the kind of slogan a youth basketball coach tells their team in a Disney movie before a practice montage that leads up to them winning the big game — not someone you’d honestly tell LeBron James. Wait, scratch that, I really want to be a fly on the wall when Darvin Ham tells LeBron that “wisdom and lessons” and more important than wins and losses.

Time will tell whether this approach pays off, but look for the Lakers to get a LOT of wisdom and lessons this season.