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Draymond Green-Jordan Poole fight updates: Video surfaces as Green announces he’s stepping away from team

Draymond Green is stepping away from the team for a few days as a result of the fight

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Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole in the face during Golden State Warriors practice on Wednesday. While the Warriors contemplated an internal punishment for Green, video of the punch was released by TMZ on Friday.

In the video, Green walks from the corner to the baseline and gets in Poole’s face. Poole then gives Green a two-handed shove. A split second later, Green lunges at Poole and delivers a right hook to his face. Green then catches Poole on the way down and waits for the rest of the team to surround them. Watch the full video here.

Jordan Poole didn’t want Draymond Green suspended

Warriors leadership reportedly put the the decision of whether or not to suspend Green on the players. Poole said he didn’t want Green suspended (via Golden State of Mind).

“It was put in front of the players whether they thought that Draymond deserved a suspension. And what I was told was that the players weren’t comfortable levying a suspension on one of their own teammates. They wanted management to make that decision.”

Kerr: Draymond punch is ‘biggest crisis’ to ever face Warriors

Warriors fine Draymond Green but do not suspend him for punching Jordan Poole. He will rejoin the team on Thursday.

Draymond Green apologizes, steps away from team during long press conference (10/8 update)

Warriors lawyers are investigating who leaked the video (10/7 update)

Wojnarowski: Warriors are not happy about the video, and trying to figure out how it got out

Shams Charania of The Athletic initially reported that “internal discipline is imminent,” but the Warriors said they don’t anticipate him missing any games.

Green has apologized to Poole according to the team.

“It’s the NBA, professional sports,” Myers said when he met the media on Thursday. “These things happen. Nobody likes it. We don’t condone it but it happened.”

Chris Haynes of Yahoo! initially reported that “there was a buildup stemming from teammates noticing a change in Poole’s behavior throughout camp with the guard on the verge of securing a lucrative extension.”

Draymond Green Twitter reaction: NBA players react to Draymond’s punch

We’ll update this story as it develops.