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LeBron James reacts to a bloody forehead like any parent would

We continue to witness the evolution of one of the greatest players of all time

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

For the last two decades, LeBron James has reigned supreme over the NBA. King James has been the king of his position, king of his conference, king of the league, and king of the GOAT debate (maybe?).

Now, in his advanced age (sports, the only place where 37 is considered old), His Majesty has taken on a new designation: King Caregiver.

In the third quarter of an eventual narrow Saturday evening victory over the San Antonio Spurs, Zach Collins committed a hard foul on Russell Westbrook while contesting his shot underneath the rim.

Collins’ momentum colliding with Westbrook led to the latter crashing hard to the floor. Westbrook immediately sprung up with a head of steam and blood oozing down his face.

Collins was issued a flagrant two foul and ejected from the game. Meanwhile, Westbrook was issued a single technical foul.

However, the events following the foul could have been much worse had it not been for the emergence of King Caregiver.

James swiftly removed the infuriated Westbrook from the scene before he could earn a second technical. Then, James switched gears from problem diffusor to first respondent – reaching for a towel and placing it on Westbrook’s forehead to stop the bleeding.

To his credit, the aging James has fully embraced his new role as watchful protector. In fact, this isn’t the first time a clip of The King going into dad mode has gone viral.

Last season, a clip of James offering schematic suggestions to then-rookie Austin Reeves turned into a Twitter meme.

A person unfamiliar with the sport and James’ veteran standing may have seen this clip and thought the elderly James was offering the spry Reeves confusing life advice, like how to shave or talk to a crush.

This new iteration of the King isn’t nearly as glorious as past renditions, but man, is it entertaining nonetheless.