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Victor Wembayama’s new one-legged, running three will wreck the NBA

This is one of the wildest Victor Wembanyama highlights yet.

Victor Wembanyama is the most tantalizing NBA prospect to enter the draft since LeBron James, and already has a convincing case that he’s one of the best prospects in league history. The 7’5 French phenom has one of the most outrageous skill sets you will ever see: he can dominate at the rim both offensive and defensively with an 8-foot wingspan, he’s shown impressive quickness and agility on the perimeter for someone his size, he’s a solid passer, and he’s at minimum an excellent three-point shooter for a center, perhaps even better than that.

With such a wild intersection of size and skill, Wembanyama is bound to produce some crazy-good highlights. That has been true so far: his games against the G League Ignite were filled with amazing moments, as has the start of his season in France. Wemby is doing stuff no one has ever seen before, and that continued in his game against Limoges on Friday.

In the third quarter, Wembanyama authored one of his best highlights yet. With the ball out on the perimeter and the shot clock running down, Wemby sized up his man with a few effortless between-the-legs dribbles, and then launched a one-legged runner from three-point range that swished through the net. Watch it here:

Here’s another look at that absurd shot:

Seriously. What? A one-legged runner from three? From a 7’5 18-year-old? We’ve seen James Harden mess around with this shot in practice, but it’s never really been a player’s arsenal during real games. Wembanyama is doing it at 18 years old. Did we mention he’s 7’5?

Wembanyama finished with 33 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, and three blocks in the win. It’s the sixth straight W for his squad, Metropolitans 92.

Wembanyama hit another one-legged runner from three-point range in his FIBA debut for France. This is basically a floater for him:

He’s really going to keep doing this.

This is wild stuff. Whoever gets the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft lottery will be able to draft one of the most talented prospects ever. Good luck to the tankers, everyone really needs it this year.