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Stephen Curry dressed like he was in The Matrix before a Warriors game

Steph did his best Neo impression pre-game.

Stephen Curry was considered the MVP frontrunner at the start of this season, but he’s endured a prolonged shooting slump as soon as the calendar turned to 2022. Curry simply isn’t shooting at the historic level we expect from him in the last two months, though it’s probably not a coincidence that his play started slipping as soon as Draymond Green exited the lineup.

The philosopher Deion Sanders once said: “if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.” Curry apparently channeled the sentiment as he showed up for the Warriors’ first game after the All-Star break.

Maybe Steph just watched the new Matrix movie, because this outfit certainly has Neo vibes:

Our social team did it better:

Even Klay Thompson noticed it:


We’d expect a look like this from LaMelo Ball, but it’s surprising coming from Steph. If this look doesn’t help Curry break out of his shooting slump, nothing will.

It’s felt like Steph is playing in another dimension for years. Now he finally looks like it.