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Live NBA trade deadline coverage from SB Nation

The NBA Trade Deadline is always a hectic event. SB Nation will have it covered from all kinds of angles.

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 NBA Trade Deadline appears to be one of those unique situations where big news will be made whether or not deals come together. Whether it’s James Harden remaining in Brooklyn, Ben Simmons keeping himself sidelined in Philadelphia, or them getting swapped for each other, how their teams handle that situation will send ripple effects throughout the NBA.

And that’s just one storyline heading into Thursday’s deadline.

So, to cover Philly and Brooklyn’s standoff, as well as the rest of the NBA’s various rumors, SB Nation will be introducing a couple ways to both stay updated and give your take on what your favorite team did (or didn’t) pull off.

Pressure Cooker

In the half-hour leading up to Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline, Anthony Irwin of Silver Screen & Roll and Jas Kang of Liberty Ballers will host a roundtable featuring input from various site managers across our various team communities.

Brady Klopfer of Golden State of Mind, Sabreena Merchant of both Swish Appeal and formally of Clips Nation, and a few other voices will hop on to react to what is often one of the most hectic stretches of the NBA season.

This special edition of The Pressure Cooker will air across all SB Nation social platforms.

Twitter Spaces

Following the official deadline, Irwin and Kang will then host a live Twitter Spaces from SB Nation’s official account to offer writers and fans alike the opportunity to offer their takes on what their team accomplished or left on the table, as well as how they feel this deadline impacts an already wide-open title picture.

The 2021-’22 season started with two heavy betting favorites in the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets. For a variety of reasons (bad offseasons, a lack of commitment from stars, youtube, etc.), both teams have fallen well short of expectations, opening a window of opportunity for any number of new, legitimate contenders.

Thursday’s deadline will offer the chance for teams to either join that elite tier of contenders, set themselves up for the future, or slam the door shut on potential competition. Join us here at SB Nation as we react accordingly.