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The Utah Jazz’s leaked new uniforms already need a redesign

The Jazz took another L on their leaked uniform redesign.

The Utah Jazz are on the precipice of a new era — and we’re not talking about the construction of the roster after going down 2-1 in their first round series in the 2022 NBA Playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks without superstar guard Luka Doncic. The Jazz are reportedly set for a rebranding next season, with black, white, and yellow becoming their primary colors.

A rebranding means new uniforms. Based on the leaks, the Jazz might want to rethink this.

Here’s an early look at Utah’s new jerseys planned for next year. The reaction to these from the internet has been a strong and swift “hell no.” The fact that these were leaked as the Jazz are potentially in the middle of a humiliating playoff collapse only made matters worse.

I understand what they’re going for with bold colors and a simple pattern. At the same time, it’s hard to disagree with critics who say these look like a half-baked AAU jersey.

I reached out to Tyson Whiting, senior designer for Vox Media, for his quick takes on this new look for the Jazz. Here’s what he said:

first impression: that yellow is ... something ... it’s like blacklight rave or crossing guard yellow. A little too wild to me. Strange they are running so far from the gold and purple, which I personally loved, might just be sentimental. I really wish I knew the decisions behind the color choices. I could be out of touch.

The overall design is really basic and I honestly love it. The logo with the number feels good and the basic “Jazz” and “Utah” are hard to mess up when they’re so simple. This type treatment is very “in” right now so it makes sense. I could see people wanting more out of it, I am a fan. (except that yellow)

The yellow and white colors seem to want to fight when they’re in the same space.

The quote-tweets on this were far less kind. The Jazz were getting burned by almost everyone who saw the new jerseys.

Are these actually going to be the Jazz’s jerseys next year? If so, there’s still time for Utah to pivot. The classic ‘90s look of the Stockton-Malone era just feels so much fresher than this look designed in 2022:

The Jazz just can’t catch a break in the playoffs. Even their jersey leaks are holding Ls.