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Kyle Kuzma’s pink sweater bobblehead is real, and I must have it

Kyle Kuzma’s big pink sweater is immortalized forever with a bobblehead.

This just might be the year of Kyle Kuzma. The 27-year-old forward is having the best season of his NBA career for the Washington Wizards, and he’s set to cash in with a huge pay day this summer when he hits free agency. It feels like almost every team needs a big forward who can shoot, defend, and create his own shot a bit off the dribble, and Kuzma checks all of those boxes. For a player who used to feel like a punchline only a few short years ago, it sure seems like he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank in free agency.

Kuzma continued his tremendous season with an incredible game-winning shot against the Chicago Bulls earlier this week. Now he’s really hitting immortality: the Wizards announced they’re giving away Kuzma bobbleheads for their game against the New York Knicks on Friday night. Not just any old Kuzma bobblehead, mind you: these are oversized pink sweater Kuzma bobbleheads.

Kuzma of course won an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers inside the bubble in 2020, but sometimes it feels like he’s best known for wearing a hilariously large pink sweater to a game in 2021. Now the Wizards are immortality the fit forever with a bobblehead.

In case you needed to see the video of Kuzma walking through the tunnel in his baggy sweater again, here it is:

I need this bobblehead immediately. The fans at Wizards-Knicks on Friday night get to own a small piece of NBA history if they show up to the arena early enough: the time Kyle Kuzma broke our brains by wearing a really big sweater. What a moment.