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Patrick Beverly is a troll come to life, and every NBA team needs one

Patrick Beverley is the player fans love to hate until he is on their favorite team.

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

We all know the type of person who gets on social media with one goal in mind. Irritate everyone around them every chance they get. We call them Twitter trolls, Facebook trolls, or whatever social media platform you use. They dont even believe in what they say half the time. Instead, they try to stir controversy or get under someone's skin.

That is what Patrick Beverley is in the NBA, but instead of trolling through social media, he does it on an NBA court. Time after time, Beverley has made it a point to rile up the opposing team, especially the opposing team's best player. Beverly had gotten into on-court confrontations with everyone from Dwayne Wade to his current teammate LeBron James before the two were Lakers.

But, of course, when you start your career playing overseas in Greece and Russia, you do whatever you must to stay in the NBA. Beverley clawed his way to the NBA with tenacious defense, all-out effort, and not backing down from anyone.

The Blazers and Lakers squared off last night, which meant another matchup between Damian Lillard and Beverley. Beverley and Lillard's beef goes back to Beverley Houston Rockets days. One of the most well-known troll jobs of Lillard by Beverley happened during the NBA bubble in 2020, and Beverley wasn't even playing that game.

It has continued to this day and last night provided the latest chapter in the Beverley and Lillard feud. During Lillard's trip to the free-throw line in the second quarter.

The Blazers would go up 25 at one point and seem well on their way to a win. That didn't happen as the Lakers came from 25 points down, and Beverley's halftime speech played a part in the comeback.

“Told the guys, ‘Just turn our swag up,’” said Beverley

“Understand we’re fortunate to play a game that gives us stability to take care of our families, be able to live a lifestyle, a fortunate lifestyle that a lot of people dream about.

“So regardless of what’s going on, have fun with this s---. Stay swaggy. That was my message, and we came out and responded.”

That is what you get from players like Beverley. He only finished with four points and two steals but will always do what it takes to win a game. Last night's game demonstrated what Beverley brings to every team he is on. Beverley finished last night's win by mocking Lillard's "Dame time," where he points to his wrist after making a clutch play.

But, of course, last night was far from his first time trolling a star player from the opposing team.

Here is a list of star players he has tangled with over the years.

Dwayne Wade

Russell Westbrook (Multiple times)

Joel Embiid

Kevin Durant

Damian Lillard (multiple times as well)

LeBron James

The last example is exactly what the title suggests. Beverley is the type of player every fan base of the team he goes against can't stand, but it is a different story when he is on your team. Before coming to the Lakers, he had run-ins with the King himself, LeBron James, and now this season. They are battling every night as teammates this season. I saw it firsthand, covering the Rockets when Beverley played in Houston.

Every Rockets fan loved him on the team when he was in Houston. However, when he was traded to the Clippers as part of the Chris Paul trade and was harassing Harden, that sentiment changed quickly.

Beverley is averaging the lowest point per game since his first season in league with the Rockets and is shooting under 40 percent on the season but is now in his 11th season.

Beverley has stayed in the league this long because he is the Twitter troll who comes to life and does all the dirty work, which is the type of player every team needs, even if they dont want to admit it.