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Scoot Henderson’s poster dunk is a reminder it’s a great year to pick No. 2 in NBA Draft

Scoot Henderson has ELITE athleticism.

Sterling ‘Scoot’ Henderson is talented enough to go No. 1 overall in a typical NBA draft, but this year he’ll be the big prize waiting at No. 2 because he just so happens to be in the same class as French super prospect Victor Wembanyama. Henderson may not be a 7’5 freak of nature who can rip three-pointers and put a lid on the rim defensively like Wemby, but you can make a case the Georgia native is the most complete point guard prospect to hit the draft in a decade.

Henderson originally left Kell High School just outside of Atlanta to sign a two-year contract with the NBA G League Ignite. Henderson was a sensation as a 17-year-old rookie in the G League last year, and he looked primed for another breakthrough this season after an incredible showing against Wembanyama in a made-for-TV preseason game. Then just a few games into the Ignite’s regular season, Henderson broke his nose, went into concussion protocol, and missed about two months.

Henderson recently returned to the court, and he’s already reminding people why he’s such an awesome lead guard prospect. In a game against the Birmingham Squadron on Tuesday, Henderson authored one of his greatest highlight plays ever: a ridiculous driving dunk that put defender Feron Hunt on a poster. Watch the play here:

It is not normal for a 6’2, 18-year-old point guard to make that play. Scoot Henderson is special, and he’s going to make some team very happy with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Henderson is the definition of an elite athlete. He’s extremely fast with the ball in his hands, possesses the strength and power to play through contact at the rim, and has elite explosiveness as a leaper around the basket. He’s proving to be a damn good facilitator, too. Just about the only thing missing from Henderson’s game is a reliable three-point shot, and he’s improving in that area, as well.

No one is touching Wembanyama for the No. 1 in the 2023 draft, but in reality it really feels like two teams will get a top overall pick. Scoot is that good.