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Utah Jazz coach calls 50-point loss ‘masterpiece of dog****’

Will Hardy shares brutal assessment after 50-point loss

On Wednesday night in Dallas, the Mavericks obliterated the visiting Utah Jazz by a final score of 147-97. Luka Doncic, days after becoming a first-time father, celebrated in incredible fashion, notching the first first first-half triple-double of his career as he poured in 29 points, along with 10 rebounds and 10 assists, in the first half alone.

According to the Mavericks, that was the first 25-point, first-half triple-double in NBA history.

Doncic finished with 40 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds.

It was his 60th career triple-double. pushing him past Larry Bird and into sole possession of ninth place overall on the career list. In addition, It was the Mavericks’ highest-scoring game this season, and it fell just two points short of their highest-scoring game ever in regulation. A pretty special night from a Dallas perspective.

On the other side of things, however, it was not so special. Utah head coach Will Hardy was rather blunt in his assessment. “That was an absolutely horrendous performance,” said Hardy after the game. “It seemed like the Mavericks were moving at a different pace than we were from start to finish.”

But he did not stop there:

That’s right. He called it a “masterpiece of dogshit.”

Which, let’s be honest, is just an incredible turn of phrase. The juxtaposition of those two words is pure genius. And it goes beyond the standard “coach speak” we often hear after games, including blowouts like this one. There was no typical “we have to be better on both ends of the floor” or “the effort was not there tonight” or “we’re on to Cincinnati” or whatever the hell Bill Belichick is going to say tonight when the New England Patriots are blown out by the Pittsburgh Steelers and officially eliminated from the playoffs.

No, this was clear. This was honest.

And it was a masterpiece.