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What shot will LeBron James break the scoring record with?

LeBron James is a student of history, and it would only be right that he broke the record with a skyhook.

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Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

At age 38, most professional athletes are either retired or watching from the bench as their careers wind down. LeBron James, however, isn't like most athletes. At age 38, LeBron is averaging 30 points (something he has only done two other times in his career), 8.5 rebounds(the most since 2018-19 and over 7 assists per game.

We all know, however, what the entire basketball world is focused on this week. LeBron is now only 36 points away from breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar's all-time scoring record. A record Jabbar set in 1984 and has held since 1989, when he finished his career with 38,387 points.

LeBron can break that record tonight vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder at Arena.

A few of LeBron's milestone shots throughout his career

LeBron first ever basket was a dunk in a preseason game vs. the Pistons on a breakaway fastbreak.

LeBron's first-ever regular season basket was a baseline jumper vs. the Sacramento Kings. It's a mid-range shot he would go on to take in a lot of big moments throughout his career.

LeBron would come full circle from his first-ever basket as he opened his Lakers career with what else but a breakaway dunk vs. the Blazers.

Let's fast forward to March 6th, 2019. LeBron passes Michael Jordan for fourth all-time in scoring. As he has done so many times, LeBron fights through contact at the basket, makes the layup, and is fouled. It was an emotional moment for LeBron as he received a standing ovation from the Laker crowd.

That brings us to today, and the question isn't if LeBron will break the record but how he will pass Jabbar on the all-time list. Of course, we have seen LeBron accomplish many scoring milestones with dunks, mid-range shots, and tough-at-the-basket layups, but could LeBron have something else in store for this monumental moment?

What shot will LeBron break the record on

LeBron is a student of history and is aware of his place in NBA history. He has a flair for the dramatic; it is a last-second shot to win the game or a shot that will move him to the top of the scoring list. That is why I believe LeBron will do whatever he can to ensure the shot that breaks the record tonight will be a sky hook.

Of course, the skyhook is the legendary, unstoppable shot that Jabbar perfected throughout his career. It is the most iconic signature shot in NBA history. LeBron realizing how close he is to the record, has made it a point to practice this shot during pregame throughout the season.

LeBron has even brought it out in a few games in the past few seasons.

Imagine if LeBron is one point away from breaking the record, Jabbar rises to his feet along with everyone in attendance, and LeBron shoots a skyhook from the baseline to break the record. It would be a full-circle moment and a fitting tribute to one of the greatest players of all time Kareem Abdul Jabbar. It could happen soon as Tuesday evening, and we can all be witnesses to history in the making.