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LeBron James’ kids wore Michael Jordan shoes to watch him break NBA scoring record

They really couldn’t find some LeBrons in their closet?

LeBron James’ mission to set the NBA’s all-time scoring mark was 20 years in the making, and it finally happened on Tuesday night as the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder beat the Lakers, 133-130, but no one is going to remember that. Instead, the night was a celebration of James’ legendary career. He broke the record on a picture-perfect fadeaway late in the third quarter, and the game was immediately paused to recognize the moment. It was a night no one in attendance will ever forget.

There were so many famous faces in crowd at Arena (I can’t believe we have to call it that), which of course included James’ entire family. LeBron’s sons Bronny and Bryce were in the building sitting on the baseline next to Nike founder Phil Knight, ready to capture the record-breaking shot on their phones. As LeBron’s kids were shown on TV throughout the night, many people noticed something very funny: both Bronny and Bryce were wearing Jordan shoes.

NBAE via Getty Images

This is funny for two reasons:

  • Michael Jordan vs. LeBron for the greatest basketball player of all-time has been a constant talking point for the last 10 years. Even people who don’t like basketball have opinions on it!
  • LeBron has two decades worth of signature shoes in his own right. His kids really had to wear some Jordans instead of LeBrons on their dad’s big night?

Many people were wondering the same thing:

Teenagers rebelling against their parents is a tale as old as time. Even if LeBron and MJ never played against each other, they feel like real rivals because of how intensely the NBA GOAT has been debated over the years. If even LeBron’s kids are wearing Jordan’s shoes, well, I think that settles it.