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Paolo Banchero’s GIANT JORTS is the new fit of the summer

I like big jorts, and I cannot lie.

Paolo Banchero has been weirdly lost in the conversation despite coming off a monster rookie season that’s already established him as one of the best young big men in the league.

Now there’s no excuse to ignore him and his GIANT JORTS.

This look is a whole mood. The Oakley goggles, the jersey, jorts that could double as an emergency sail is a yacht suffers a mishap. It’s a whole beautiful thing. Don’t forget that Banchero is 6’10 — which easily makes these a solid FOUR FEET of jorts alone. If famous jorts wearer John Cena put these one we couldn’t be able to see him, because he’d be trapped in the pants.

“These are stupid and impractical,” you might say ... well, Paolo can dribble under the giant jorts, so what’s your excuse?

I love this image, because it really sells just how wide the leg holes are on the jorts. He could hide entire basketballs in those things and nobody would notice.

These are perfect, and if you disagree then you hate fashion.