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Paul George’s impersonation of Charles Barkley is too good

This is SO GOOD.

It turns out that Paul George isn’t knocking down shots he’s knocking impersonations out of the park. This week he went on Wave Sports + Entertainment’s Podcast P with Paul George, and gave us the Charles Barkley impersonation we never knew we needed.

My only gripe with Paul’s take on Charles Barkley is that it doesn’t go on enough. This is a really, really good impression of Chuck — and he’s got Barkley’s unique pattern of speech down pat. Now what we need to see is George go on the Inside the NBA set and have a full back-and-forth conversation with Chuck while doing the Chuck voice.

Before you say “this is easy,” know what Barkley really isn’t an easy impersonation to do — at least not well. Hell, Kenan Thompson has been doing Chuck for years on Saturday Night Live and it’s nothing compared to what Paul George can do.

I really want to know if Chuck is the only impression that Paul George can do, or whether he has a ton in his back pocket.