T.J. Ford

Golden State Warriors #0 - Guard

  • Born: 03/24/83
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 165

Build-A-Raptor: Let’s talk about running, jumping, and defending


As we continue on with our experiment, it’s all coming together for the greatest Raptor ever built.

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Back in the heyday of the bad Raptors, Toronto was subjected to constant airings of the team’s "star" Andrea Bargnani eating pasta. It was enough to bring us all to tears.

Let’s Remember Some Raptors: The short-lived legend of Jorge Garbajosa


As time moves on, Jorge Garbajosa disappears into the mysts of time for Toronto. But let’s remember the time when he was critical to the success of the Raptors — and, sadly, what came next.

How would you build a ‘98 Jordan-led all-time Raptors lineup?


You’re the GM and you have $25 to build a Jordan-led Toronto Raptors lineup. How would you get it done? Who would you pick? Let’s crunch the numbers and figure this out.

Which teams are happy the NBA season is on hold?


For some teams, a premature end to the 2019-20 season may not be all that bad. What would it have been like for Raptors teams of the past to have a season cut short?

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With (almost) 25 seasons in the books, let’s look back and decide who makes the Raptors Mount Rushmore, made up of the team’s most iconic and memorable players.

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While the league is in suspension, it’s time to get nostalgic for some old, random Raptors. As the old edict goes, let’s remember some guys.

From A-Z: Which letter produces the best all-time Raptors team?


An A is the best grade, but it won’t produce enough talent to win this tourney amongst current and former Raptors.