Jared Jeffries

Portland Trail Blazers #1 - Forward

  • Born: 11/25/81
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 6-11
  • Weight: 240

Only five Wizards players have ever made an NBA All-Defensive team

Given the Wizards’ defensive struggles this year, it seems unlikely this will be the year when another one gets added to that list.

Slipgate Conspiracy: The “real” reason the Wizards traded Wall

The Wizards were trying to move in a different direction while the now-Houston Rockets guard was on the mend. Maybe this is really what happened.

This week in Knicks history: David Lee tips it in with .1 left to beat the Bobcats


Lovely lay-in from Lee with little time left.

Part 2 of our reactions on Wall wanting out of the Wizards

Our discussion about the biggest story around the Washington Wizards continues.

Report: John Wall wants trade out of Washington

The Washington Wizards point guard is not happy with recent trade rumors and comments by the front office that they are building around Bradley Beal.

What an extensive look at the history of the 11th overall pick says for the Spurs


How has the 11th overall pick fared over the last 50 years, and what does that mean this year — if anything?

Bonga’s doppelgänger might make Wizards fans cry

Next up through the statistical doppelgänger machine is Wizards forward Isaac Bonga. The name that popped as closest match made me laugh out loud. It might make Wizards fans cry. But I’ll get to...

Want to guest host a podcast segment with former Washington Wizards guard Larry Hughes?


The Bleav in Wizards podcast is offering Wizards fans the chance join the show and talk basketball with the 2005 NBA steals leader

Roundtable: Should the Wizards rebuild? And what is Brooks’ future?

The Bullets Forever team chats about what’s ahead for the Wizards now that their 2019-20 NBA season is over.

Arenas joins the Bleav in Wizards podcast

Arenas joined former teammate Larry Hughes for a candid discussion about their time as teammates, competing against each other, and how they’d match-up with current Wizards.

Submit your questions to the Bleav in Wizards mailbag

Send us your questions about the early 2000’s teams or anything current that you’d want a former player’s perspective on!

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