Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors #11 - Guard

  • Born: 02/08/90
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 215
  • Seasons: 2011

Lakers are reportedly planning on improving their roster through free agency rather than blockbuster trades


As it stands, the Lakers are more concerned about free agency than they are giving up their young players in a huge trade.

Will Warriors finish the Clippers in Game 5 at Oracle, laying 14-points?


Golden State will attempt to eliminate Los Angeles on Wednesday evening.

Klay Thompson needed the beach to rejuvenate his Splash Bro powers


Thompson returned home to the SoCal area to drown the Clippers with deep shooting in Game 4.

Mychal Thompson doesn’t see Klay Thompson joining Lakers in free agency, and won’t pressure him to


Mychal Thompson responded to pressure from Lakers fans about Klay Thompson. It’s not great to put a father in this position over NBA free agency.

Warriors return to normalcy against Clippers


For the first time in these playoffs, the Warriors game wasn’t dramatic. It was just a normal basketball game, with the better team winning.


The Utah Jazz need another alpha

Donovan Mitchell needs offensive help in the worst way for Utah to take the next step.

How do the Pacers get Victor Oladipo over the hump?


Many of the supporting Pacers who battled to the No. 5 seed in Oladipo’s absence are hitting free agency. What’s the right move to maximize a healthy Oladipo?

Analysis: Warriors push Clippers to the brink of elimination with 113-105 win


Klay Thompson scored 31 points while Kevin Durant had his second consecutive stellar game in Los Angeles to give the Warriors a 3-1 lead in the opening round of the 2019 NBA playoffs.

The Warriors are getting a wake up call from the Clippers. Will they adjust?

The Golden State Warriors got a wake up call from the Los Angeles Clippers. Will they make the adjustments or did LA provide the blueprint for a potential early playoff exit for Golden State?

The Golden Breakdown: How the Warriors’ defense sealed Game 4 over the Clippers


In danger of another game slipping from their grasp, the Warriors put the clamps on the Clippers down the stretch, flashing their top defensive form on their way to a commanding 3-1 series lead.

Podcast: Klay and KD propel Warriors past Clippers


Golden State has a 3-1 series lead after a strong victory in LA.

Recap: Warriors take commanding 3-1 lead, edge the Clippers 113-105

Thompson, Durant pace the Dubs in a Game 4 win.