Eddie Jordan

Philadelphia 76ers #0 - Head Coach

  • Born: 01/29/55
  • Age: 66
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 170

Larry Hughes offers a player’s perspective on the Wizards’ trade for Russell Westbrook

Media members have speculated on Westbrook’s potential impact. But as someone who defended Westbrook, Hughes is uniquely suited to talk about what he could bring to the Wizards.

Nets Draft 2020: Draft Night Wonders and Blunders


It’s an annual exercise, a look at how the Nets did well and not so well going back 20 years. (It’s getting better.)

The Doppelgänger Machine finds the perfect match for Wizards center Moritz Wagner

I should have started this doppelgänger series with Moritz Wagner. After all, he’s German and it’s a compound German word, which mushes together doppel (meaning double) and gänger (meaning walker...

Thomas Bryant continues to show defensive progress in The Bubble

I’m annoyed. Last night I was downright furious. It had nothing to do with the Wizards, who gave the Philadelphia 76ers a game before losing 107-98. Nope, what had me torqued was NBA League Pass. I...

Reliving the top moments that make Wizards fans cry

The Washington Wizards haven’t had as much success as many other teams. But these are some positive moments the team had that make fans emotional. And we have more moments that also just leave us...

Which Wizards would work best with a Beal/Arenas backcourt?

We brainstormed over the last month over some ideas on the frontcourt who would work best with a guard pairing featuring the Panda and Agent Zero.

The Wizards “What If?” Team, Part 1: The Gilbert Arenas Era

The Wizards had many players with potential who never panned out in Washington. Let’s take a deeper dive at those who donned a uniform in Washington from 2003-10, when Gilbert Arenas was their...

Brendan Haywood shares stories from his Wizards days

Haywood talked about front office dysfunction, playing with Michael Jordan, and Larry Hughes’ key leadership role with the Wizards.

Reliving Agent Zero’s Top 5 buzzer beaters

The former Washington Wizards superstar had a knack for making clutch shots. Here’s a rundown of the best buzzer beaters Arenas made while in the nation’s capital.

Larry Hughes reminisces on his time with the Wizards, “Reps the District” again in new podcast

Hughes is now hosting the Bleav in Wizards podcast, joining a group of recent team alumni who are rekindling their ties to the team.

Monty Williams, James Jones and Devin Booker reflect on their heritage


In recent interviews, the three biggest voices in the Suns’ franchise opened up about their pride about who they are and where they come from.