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Clippers got cooked by Reggie Jackson, DeAndre Jordan for most embarrassing loss yet

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The Numbers Crunch: Wizards end losing streak as Pistons misfire

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Jordan Poole took time to showboat and got his shot blocked into the stratosphere

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Giving Tuesday: Team Gleason, LeBron James Family Foundation, and 5 more worthy causes to support

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Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving can’t do it all for the Mavericks

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Victor Wembanyama’s hand size freaked out Nuggets rookie, and he couldn’t stop talking about it

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Point Forward

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The Point God (feat. Chris Paul)

Due to recent headlines, we felt it was only right to sit down with the one and only, Point GOD himself, Chris Paul. We took a deep dive into the NBA and it’s evolution over his nearly two decades as a player on consistently playoff contending teams. From his hate of Golden State, to now playing for them, no stones were left unturned. Not to mention, we get to the bottom of where his bad rep comes from which leads us to question, is the league getting more soft?   

Before getting into the wild stories, hosts Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner break down the current NBA In-Season Tournament title and MVP odds. Can Tyrese Haliburton bring the Pacers to the forefront? Can Giannis have a good enough streak to outlast LeBron’s Lakers? Let's take a look.  

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The Mavericks have to communicate better on defense

Josh Giddey investigation by NBA for alleged relationship with minor, explained

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The Jeremy Sochan at point guard experiment is not going well for the Spurs

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The NBA’s Ineptitude Bowl is on the horizon

Cyber Monday: The worst sports items the internet has to offer

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Around the NBA: Haliburton’s leap, the rise of OKC, and are the Timberwolves for real?

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Five statistics propelling success for the Phoenix Suns this season and during their winning streak

Gary Payton II sent this Victor Wembanyama shot into the fourth row

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Without Jaden McDaniels, Who Can Step Up For The Wolves?

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FILM STUDY: Takeaways from the Brooklyn Nets’ recent play

Scott Foster ejected Chris Paul in Warriors-Suns to take their beef to the next level

Gregg Popovich scolded fans for booing Kawhi Leonard into a live mic mid-game

NBA in-season tournament is already looking like a big win for the league

Jordan Poole foolishly drains clock by forgetting NBA rules during Wizards comeback bid

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LeBron James is still dominating 21 years into his career

Nikola Jokic’s ejection even got Pistons announcers mad at refs

The Pistons are rewriting NBA futility on the brink of another disastrous season

Kevin Durant has perfect clapback for fans angry with him over their gambling losses

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Have the Celtics leveled up?

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How the Hawks can dig themselves out the rut of average

Evan Mobley scored easiest 2 points in NBA history during Cavs-Pistons

Lonnie Walker dunked on every 76ers player and entire city of Philadelphia for Nets

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3 Blazers on the Market Before the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline

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Examining the performance of Frank Vogel’s defenses through 12 games in his first season as their coach

Jimmy Butler is changing the game by focusing on everything else

Russell Westbrook is making another big sacrifice for the Clippers

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The Mavericks are experimenting with Grant Williams passing

Chet Holmgren couldn’t back down Chris Paul in the post despite size difference

Kyle Kuzma airballed a free throw, because this Wizards season is hell

Draymond Green suspended 5 games for choking Rudy Gobert in Warriors-Wolves brawl

Draymond Green puts Rudy Gobert in chokehold as Warriors-Wolves descends into chaos

Draymond Green choked Rudy Gobert, and the memes, quotes, and jokes were amazing