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Bruce Pearl Told Recruits, Families To Lie About Violations

What is it they say about it not being the crime that gets you, but the cover-up? Bruce Pearl might be learning about that right now as the NCAA investigates allegations of recruiting violations in the Tennessee basketball program.

All of this comes from a letter, dated Sept. 9, in which Athletics Director Mike Hamilton lays out the reasons for terminating Pearl’s contract. Pearl and the school are working on a new deal, and Hamilton has said the university intends to keep Pearl as head coach.

The letter lays out some of the circumstance related to a team cookout at Pearl’s home attended by recruits and their families, which Pearl reportedly told the families was a violation.

Pearl also told them that he was not going to tell anyone about the violation, and he asked they not tell anyone, either. …

The Sept. 9 notification letter involving Pearl’s contract also states that Pearl called a prospect’s father on June 14, 2010, before and after Pearl interviewed with the NCAA. …

Pearl told UT that he called Craft’s father to remind him that he had informed him that coming to his house would be a violation and that he had given him the choice to attend.

Hamilton and Pearl are downplaying the revelations from the letter, pointing out that there’s technically nothing new there (at least to them).

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