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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Duke, Michigan State Still Lead AP Top 25

The coaches and the beat writers must be on the same page, because today's Associated Press top 25 mirrors the USA Today poll very closely. As with the coaches, the AP decided that despite two disappointing losses to  Minnesota and Vanderbilt, the preseason hype and talent were still too much to drop North Carolina from the top 25 completely, throwing them the bone of the 25th overall ranking. For their wins this weekend however,  previously unranked Minnesota and Texas join the party at No. 15 and 20, respectively

At the top of the poll, there's not much change. Ohio State inched up to No. 3 ahead of Kansas State, while its victim from last week, Florida, plummeted from its top 10 ranking all the way down to No. 16. Duke and Michigan State remain atop the poll after dispatching their opponents in the first week of play.

The full rankings:

1 Duke
2 Michigan State
3 Ohio State
4 Kansas State
5 Pittsburgh
6 Kansas
7 Villanova
8 Kentucky
9 Syracuse
10 Purdue
11 Missouri
12 Baylor
13 Washington
14 Memphis
15 Minnesota
16 Florida
16 Georgetown
18 San Diego State
19 Illinois
20 Texas
21 Temple
22 Gonzaga
23 Brigham Young
24 Tennessee
25 North Carolina