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Coack K: Kyrie Irving 'Could Be' Out For Season

Coach K and Duke aren’t taking any chances with Kyrie Irving’s toe. He’s currently under medical evaluation and his return is undertermined at this time. Unfortunately for Duke fans, the potential timetable for his return keeps getting longer and longer.

Coach K isn’t speaking in finites but he was very cautious to leave all possibilities open about the severity of the injury:

“It’s a serious injury. I can’t say anything more because we are learning information but it is serious and whatever final decision is made will obviously what’s in his best interest and his career. Not to save him for any period of time or whatever, but he could be out or a long time.”

Asked if Irving will be out the rest of the year, Krzyzewski said: “He could be, he could be.”

Keep an eye on Duke Basketball Report for updates.