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Florida, Auburn Set Basketball Back Decades With 45-40 Barn-Burner

The Florida Gators and Auburn Tigers got to work on the basketball court on Thursday, putting together a performance that made basketball fans everywhere cringe. By the time it mercifully ended, the Gators took home a 45-40 win to push their record to 3-1 in the SEC. As shot after shot clanked off the rim and the teams endured cold stretches that lasted minutes, it became like a car wreck you could turn away from.

After the jump, a painful look at the stats.

  • Florida shot 28.3 percent from the field ... and won.
  • Florida made 15 attempts from the field for the game; Auburn made 18.
  • The game featured 56 possessions. That's molasses-level pace.
  • Auburn finished with an offensive efficiency of 72.5 for the game. That's a whopping .725 points per possession.
  • Florida didn't fare much better, finishing with an offensive efficiency of 79.5.
  • 49.2 percent of the Gators field goal attempts came from three-point range. They made just five of 26.
  • By effective field goal percentage, a rate that adjusts for three-pointers, the Tigers actually shot better than the Gators, holding a 40.6 to 33 percent advantage.
  • Auburn made it to the free throw line eight times, but hit just one attempt.
It wasn't just bad, it was like a nightmare that wouldn't end. At the end of the day, Florida took home the win and Auburn crawled back to its crystal football and acted like basketball didn't exist again.