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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Duke Still On Top, Minnesota Plummets In AP Poll

For the eighth consecutive week, the Duke Blue Devils were voted the No. 1 team in the AP NCAA basketball poll. Coach Mike Krzyzewski seems to have everything going for him as he won his 880th win last week, and his Blue Devils haven't lost since March 23rd last season, another week atop the AP poll is probably just icing on the cake.  For the rest of the top five, Ohio State, Kansas, Syracuse and Pittsurgh, will have to wait another week for Duke to slip up and a new team can claim the No. 1 spot, if that will happen at all this season.

Elsewhere in the poll, Temple's stay in the top 25 was very brief as their close loss to a No. 8 Villanova team was not enough to keep them around for another week. Similarly, Louisville was dismissed from the top 25 by No. 12 Kentucky, which has been steadily creeping back up in the polls. The winner for greatest poll tumble this week goes to the Minnesota Golden Gophers though, as they dropped all the way from No. 14 in last week's poll to completely unranked after road losses to Wisconsin and Michigan State, which may be further proof that the only thing more unforgiving than an AP voter is a Big Ten schedule maker.

Moving in to replace these unlucky teams are Washington, Cincinnati and UNLV, at Nos. 23, 24, and 25 respectively.

Full AP rankings below.

Associated Press Top 25
1 Duke
2 Ohio State
3 Kansas
4 Syracuse
5 Pittsburgh
6 San Diego State
7 Villanova
8 Connecticut
9 Missouri
10 Kentucky
11 Purdue
12 Texas
13 Georgetown
14 Notre Dame
15 Brigham Young
16 Texas A&M
17 Kansas State
18 Michigan State
19 UCF
20 Illinois
21 Memphis
22 Vanderbilt
23 Washington
24 Cincinnati

Others Receiving Votes: Louisville(11-2) 124; Minnesota(11-3) 96; Temple(9-3) 74; Wisconsin(11-3) 55; Baylor(9-3) 50; Florida(10-3) 35; Butler(10-4) 25; Wichita State(11-2) 17; North Carolina(10-4) 9; St. Mary's(12-2) 8; Gonzaga(10-5) 7; Arizona(12-3) 2; Cleveland State(15-1) 2; Florida State(11-3) 2; Georgia(11-2) 1