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Steve Lavin Will Have Prostate Cancer Surgery On Thursday

St. John's head coach Steve Lavin will undergo surgery to fight his prostate cancer on Thursday. Lavin was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, with St. John's announcing the diagnosis in April, and because it was caught early, his long-term prognosis was good. Now, in hopes of curing the cancer, Lavin will undergo surgery at Sloan-Kettering in New York.

The report comes from the New York Times. Lavin is positive ahead of his surgery and feels this is the best course of action to fight the prostate cancer.

"We have decided surgery is the best path to take for my particular prostate cancer," Lavin said. "We are confident that this course of treatment will lead to a cancer-free life." Lavin was found to be in the early stages of prostate cancer about a year ago, and he made the diagnosis public in April.

Lavin's doctor also expressed optimism that the surgery will cure him of the cancer. It's unknown how long the St. John's head coach will be out of action as he recovers at this time.

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