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Bernie Fine Placed On Administrative Leave By Syracuse

Syracuse quickly mobilized as allegations of child molestation against basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine were made public on Thursday evening. Shortly after the ESPN report on the allegations levied by a former Syracuse ball boy, the university released a statement acknowledging the report and asserting the school had investigated the claims in 2005, finding no wrongdoing.

Now, Syracuse has taken the next step, placing Fine on administrative leave, according to CNY Central,

Cnycentrallogo400x400_normal #BernieFine has now been placed on adminstrative leave @CNYcentral via Twitter

Fine being placed on administrative leave isn't an admission of guilt or wrongdoing; it's simply the next step in the typical investigation process. While a serious investigation is pending -- Syracuse police are in the early stages of looking into the alleged victim's claim -- it's typical for the person at the center to be placed on leave.

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