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VIDEO: John Brown University's Toilet Paper Game Is The Best Tradition Ever

This might be one of my favorite traditions in college athletics. At John Brown University, the most cherished tradition has nothing to do with dancing or chanting; it's all about the toilet paper. After the first bucket of the year at home, the crowd erupts and tosses toilet paper onto the court in one of the coolest sights you'll see.

Some of the stories about the tradition's origins are incredible. Like the time, in the early years of the toilet paper tossing tradition, that then head basketball coach John Sheehy arranged for it to be done on an opponent's floor.

"Their athletic director's in shock, their coach is white as a sheet and someone's yelling on their loud speakers that anyone who throws things on the floor will be escorted from the gym," John Sheehy recalled with a chuckle. "The official had us lined up for a free throw, but somebody told him that the stuff came from behind John Brown's bench. I didn't argue at that point. It was a practical joke on an exuberant referee."

Video of this year's toilet papering is after the jump.

It's a technical foul, of course, but the free throws don't even matter. Two free throws are a small price to pay to see a court covered in TP and a mascot making snow angels (in the background at the 20-second mark).