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Bernie Fine Allegations: Syracuse District Attorney, Police Department Embroiled In Fight Over Information

On Monday, Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick obtained a subpoena requiring the police to turn over records from 2002 allegations against Syracuse Orange basketball coach Bernie Fine by accuser Bobby Davis.

The Syracuse Police, and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minoer have said they will keep all results of their investigation, past and present, internal until they decide to hand them over.

Fitzpatrick told the Post-Standard that he was greeted with an obscenity when he handed over the subpoena to Deputy Chief Shawn Broton, setting the tone for a legal battle towards discovery. 

The matter was supposed to be settled this morning, but state Supreme Court Justice Thomas Murphy sealed the records of what was said and adjourned until next Tuesday.

In the meantime, former Syracuse ball boy Steve Goldsmith, who spent time alongside Bobby Davis in the presence of Bernie Fine and continues to be close with the SU assistant cleared the air to say he was never abused and never suspected anything.

Davis and his ex-girlfriend have told the Post-Standard that they initially reached out to both the Syracuse Police and the District Attorney's office in 2002 and did not receive any help from either.

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