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Bernie Fine Investigation: Third Accuser Says Coach Sexually Abused Him

Zach Tomaselli told Syracuse police Wednesday that Orange associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine sexually abused him as a child, according to

The 23-year-old Lewiston, Maine, native told police that in 2002, Fine molested him in a Pittsburgh hotel room. Two days after Tomaselli and his friend, Rose Ryan, told police of the alleged assault, U.S. Secret Service searched Fine's home and took with them three file cabinets as well as Fine's cell phone and a computer that wasn't his.

Tomaselli, who was actually facing sexual assault charges of his own in Maine, signed an affidavit Wednesday accusing Fine of molesting him, making him the third person to accuse the coach of such acts. Bobby Davis and Mike Lang came forward about a week ago.

Where Tomaselli's story gets interesting is that Zach's father, Fred, says that his son is lying. According to Fred, he has never met Fine and denied ever letting his son go to Pittsburgh with Fine and the Orange in 2002. The father and son have been estranged for years, according to the article.