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Bernie Fine Fired By Syracuse University

Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine has been fired by the university. The university announced the decision, apparently made by Chancellor Nancy Cantor, in a statement from senior vice president for public affairs Kevin Quinn that was released Sunday night.

“At the direction of Chancellor Cantor, Bernie Fine’s employment with Syracuse University has been terminated, effective immediately.”

Fine has been the subject of an investigation into his alleged sexual abuse of three children since November 17. This weekend, audio of a conversation between Fine's wife, Laurie Fine, and one of the men accusing Fine of molestation, Bobby Davis, emerged, in which Laurie Fine seems to acknowledge her husband's abuse.

Fine had served as Jim Boeheim's assistant coach for decades, and has known the Syracuse head coach for almost 50 years. Boeheim vociferously defended Fine when news of the allegations against him first broke.

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