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Bernie Fine Fired: Jim Boeheim Releases Statement Expressing Regret

Jim Boeheim released a statement Sunday night expressing regret for statements he made earlier this month defending former assistant coach Bernie Fine, who is facing molestation charges. Boeheim supported the decision of Syracuse University to fire Fine earlier in the day:

The allegations that have come forth today are disturbing and deeply troubling. I am personally very shocked because I have never witnessed any of the activities that have been alleged. I believe the university took the appropriate step tonight. What is most important is that this matter be fully investigated and that anyone with information be supported to come forward so that the truth can be found. I deeply regret any statements I made that might have inhibited that from occurring or been insensitive to victims of abuse.

Boeheim came to the side of his longtime assistant after allegations that Fine molested a former Syracuse ball boy resurfaced. At the time, Boeheim called Fine's accuser a liar, citing the victim's inability to produce corroborating witnesses. Boeheim's statement is certainly a big step away from his initial reaction, and looks like an attempt to distance himself from the case as a whole.

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