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Bernie Fine Allegations: US Department of Education Investigating Syracuse University

Just as they did with Penn State following the Jerry Sandusky allegations, the U.S. Department of Education is looking into Syracuse University in regards to the accusations of sexual molestation against former assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine.

According to the Cleary Act, "colleges and universities are required to disclose the number of criminal offenses on campus that are reported each year," the Department of Education's news release states. Further, "the institution must issue a timely warning if a reported crime represents a threat to the campus community" in certain instances.

Syracuse conducted their own investigation into claims against Bernie Fine in 2005. The university has said they found no corroborating evidence that proved the allegations. The Dept. of Education will want to confirm that's actually the case.

Given the recent developments in the allegations, that 2005 internal investigation is sure to become a hot topic in a lot of corridors very soon.

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