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Laurie Fine's CNN Interview Was Brief, Uneventful

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Earlier Monday, CNN reporter Gary Tuchman teased on Twitter a brief interview he had with Laurie Fine, the wife of fired Syracuse assistant Bernie Fine, scheduled to be aired later in the evening on Anderson Cooper 360. The "interview" was certainly brief, considering Laurie Fine never actually appeared on camera or said anything of substance. 

The entire exchange consisted of Tuchman knocking on Fine's front door, asking for a comment or statement and being rejected. It was Armen Keteyian 2.0, minus the window into Fine's emotions. The full transcript, for what it's worth, appears below:

Tuchman: "Hi, I'm Gary Tuchman from CNN, I'm sorry to bother you ..."

Fine: "You're not bothering me.

Tuchman: "I was hoping I can ask you -- your nephew was saying that you might have a statement."

Fine: "We have no statement."

Tuchman: "You're not going to make a statement today?"

Fine: "Not today."

Tuchman: "Is that tape, is that tape misinterpreted, though?"

Fine: "I have no comment."

Tuchman: "How come you cannot comment?"

Fine: "I cannot comment."

Tuchman said Fine eventually slammed the door, which, had that been aired, would have been the most interesting moment of the whole exchange. To CNN's credit, they did little to hype the "interview," and didn't even tease it before their first segment, which focused on Herman Cain. But still, for those people looking for the latest updates on the situation in Syracuse, it was a waste of time that promised more than it delivered.