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Bernie Fine Allegations: Fourth Alleged Victim May Emerge Soon

Robert Hoatson, president and founder of Road to Recovery, says that he has spoken to the family of a fourth alleged victim of Bernie Fine and that they are in touch with the Syracuse Police and the Onondaga County District Attorney’s office.

Hoatson, who has not spoken with the alleged victim directly, says the victim was in their teens when the alleged abuse occurred (via New York Daily News).

"I got a call from this person’s family," Hoatson said. "They said something happened to someone in their family. She said she’s gone to law enforcement."

"When (the information) comes to light, he added, "it will be very powerful."

Hoatson made headlines last week when he led a protest on Syracuse University campus calling for Jim Boeheim's firing following his comments defending Bernie Fine and calling the accusers "liars."

Road to Recovery is a non-profit organization that supports victims of abuse.

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