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VIDEO: Xavier, Cincinnati Fight Ends Rivalry Game Early, Involves Yancy Gates Punch

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A fight broke out during the basketball game between Xavier and Cincinnati on Saturday afternoon. Yancy Gates threw a punch during the ugly incident.

A fight broke out on the court in the waning seconds of a basketball game between the Xavier Musketeers and Cincinnati Bearcats Saturday afternoon. Suspensions will likely be handed down, though it's difficult to assume exactly what will happen as the NCAA and school officials sort everything out.

Xavier, the eighth-ranked team in the country, led much of the game and appeared to be closing the game out before referees were forced to cancel the game with 9.4 seconds left with a 76-53 lead after a fight broke out. Xavier was credited with the win and the officials were left to sort out the mess.

The fracas appears to have been started when Xavier's Tu Holloway and Cincy's Ge'Lawn Guyn began trash-talking, as per CBS Sports' Jeff Goodman, but the end result was much worse -- as video below will show.

Cincinnati's Yancy Gates will probably come out looking the worst, as he sucker-punched Kenny Frease while officials were trying to break up the fight, but multiple suspensions are likely. Gates had a solid game prior to that, too, as he scored 18 points and grabbed 12 rebounds before ending the game on an ugly note.