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Xavier-Cincinnati Fight: Tu Holloway, Dezmine Wells, Among Suspended Musketeers

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Cincinnati was first to announce suspensions resulting from the Bearcats fight with Xavier on Saturday at the Crosstown Shootout. Now the Musketeers have announced their suspensions. Xavier suspended freshman starter Dezmine Wells for four games (automatic one-game suspension for fighting, plus three more games), Mark Lyons for two games and Tu Holloway for one game.

Xavier has Oral Roberts and Long Beach State coming up on the schedule, but will be fortunate to have Holloway and Lyons back in time to face No. 23 Gonzaga on Dec. 31.

Here's part of the statement from Xavier Athletic Director Mike Bobinski's announcement:

"We accept full responsibility for our part in the events that occurred at the end of our game yesterday. It was both embarrassing and disappointing and clearly did not reflect the standards of behavior we expect from our student-athletes. We resolve to do whatever is necessary to prevent an incident like this from occurring in the future. Additionally, we regret the poorly-chosen words our student-athletes used in the post-game press conference and have addressed the matter with them."

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